I can’t find my zen in this mess…..

I found it ironic to come across this blog post (linked below) as I consumed my sandwich at my desk, swamped with paperwork.

Many of my patients are concerned about becoming more forgetful. I have that worry, too, at times. But I also know that having so much going on in your head at once is a bit like having 100 browsers simultaneously open on your computer- everything runs slower and it becomes harder to focus when so much of your memory is being allocated elsewhere.

Wherever you are, whatever spring cleaning you need to get done, start with your head. Take a few moments and direct all of your senses to one object or activity: your eyes, your ears, your sense of touch, smell, even taste. Keep gently bringing your mind back when it wanders, because it will- and this is the whole secret of mindfulness practice. Memory and focus do get better with practice- I promise!

I can’t find my zen in this mess…...

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