Flee the Flu Naturally

by Cora Rivard, N.D. According to CDC regional surveillance and NH DHHS for this past week, flu has been widespread in NH- particularly in Rockingham county where it is considered “very high.” The vaccine match is excellent for the predominant A subtype H1N1 strain affecting adults 65 and over, but unfortunately only about a 58%Continue reading “Flee the Flu Naturally”

Ice, Ice, baby: Get geared, don’t slip!

It’s dangerous for everyone, but for the elderly, pregnant women, parents carrying small children or workers carrying equipment, or for those who otherwise have balance or mobility issues, the likelihood of slipping on ice increases. For people with osteoporosis and other health conditions, the risk of significant injury also increases. According to data from theContinue reading “Ice, Ice, baby: Get geared, don’t slip!”

Generic Ranitidine/Zantac Recalled Due to Carcinogenic Contamination

According to a spokesperson from Novartis, the distribution of Zantac by Novartis and ranitidine (the over-the-counter generic drug of this brand) has been halted by worldwide markets after a Connecticut-based pharmacy reported to the FDA that they found extremely high levels of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a probable cancer-causing ingredient, in all tested batches of generic ranitidineContinue reading “Generic Ranitidine/Zantac Recalled Due to Carcinogenic Contamination”

Your New Favorite Smoothies: 6 Healthy AND Scrumptious Recipes

  Smoothies are popular beverages, but most of the recipes I see circulating are better defined as desserts…they often contain a lot of juice and sugar, not much fiber, and overall not the best ingredients. I wanted to focus this week’s post on the best of the best: the most delicious, whole-food kinds of smoothies.Continue reading “Your New Favorite Smoothies: 6 Healthy AND Scrumptious Recipes”

32 Turbo-Fast, Healthy, Protein-Based Breakfasts

A common problem I notice in my new patients, both adults and children, is eating high glycemic meals for breakfast: think bagels, sweet cereals, instant oatmeals, juice, muffins, plain toast. This leads to a crash in energy within a couple hours, and prompts cravings for more sweets and calories later on in the day, notContinue reading “32 Turbo-Fast, Healthy, Protein-Based Breakfasts”

The 2 Things You Need NOW to Protect Your Family from Lyme Disease.

Spring in New England- finally! The remains of snow piles are still present, but the first tick bites are already happening, so now is the time to take precautions. This year’s deep snow has offered insulation and protection to ticks from the cold, so we’re starting with greater numbers. Plus, as the mud season isContinue reading “The 2 Things You Need NOW to Protect Your Family from Lyme Disease.”

Study Finds Most Olive Oils are Falsely Labeled.

Chances are, your olive oil is an imposter. A report published by the University of California, Davis, in 2010 found that 69% of imported olive oils labeled as “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” were either not extra virgin olive oil, were rancid, or were adulterated with other cheaper oils. They studied 52 samples from 14 ofContinue reading “Study Finds Most Olive Oils are Falsely Labeled.”

When the Moon Doesn’t Hit Your Eye Like a Big Pizza-Pie

While nearing the holiday that celebrates romantic love, I am reminded of the many ways corporations and media exploit these powerful feelings to drive sales: Victoria’s Secret. Penis pills. “Every Kiss begins with Kay (jewelers).” Fifty Shades of Grey. “Magic Mike 2”. The ever impressive stacks of “bodice ripper” romance novelettes in the used booksContinue reading “When the Moon Doesn’t Hit Your Eye Like a Big Pizza-Pie”

Ease Sinus Congestion Naturally with Warming Sock Therapy

by Cora Rivard, N.D/Seasons Natural Healthcare,LLC in Derry. N.H. This is part #1 of my blog series for using classic naturopathic techniques of home hydrotherapy, or water therapy, to improve wellness and reduce discomfort. The main idea of hydrotherapy is to move circulation in ways most beneficial for resolving a problem. We’ll start with oneContinue reading “Ease Sinus Congestion Naturally with Warming Sock Therapy”

How Green Smoothies and Gluten-Free Foods Can Cause Kidney Stones

It’s January, and we heave a collective sigh as we pat our bellies and remember the over-indulgences of the holidays. As you resolve to make healthy changes, lose a few pounds and get in better shape, please consider the following information to avoid some unnecessary and painful complications: Beware the green smoothie/juice: I am aContinue reading “How Green Smoothies and Gluten-Free Foods Can Cause Kidney Stones”