The Secrets to Building Your “Immunity Superpower”

There are natural ways to support your body’s immunity during the winter months. This article outlines the basics from a naturopathic doctor, including a favorite breathing demonstration for stress and anxiety: box breathing.

New “Brouhaha” Over Vitamin D and COVID-19

The Lancet recently published a preprint of a study that created quite a stir, and was duly withdrawn until further review. Basically, researchers in Barcelona studied 900 hospitalized patients. An active group received a vitamin D analogue and one group functioned as a control, and the treatment group demonstrated a 60% reduction in mortality, andContinue reading “New “Brouhaha” Over Vitamin D and COVID-19″

Lyme in the time of COVID

by Cora Rivard, N.D., owner and doctor at Seasons Natural Healthcare, LLC, a natural medicine family practice located in Derry, New Hampshire. I am currently available for telehealth consults regarding Lyme disease and other health concerns. My info is located at the bottom of this article. More people have been enjoying the outdoors and gardeningContinue reading “Lyme in the time of COVID”

VOC’s in Essential Oils May Harm Respiratory Tract, Increase Risk of Illness.

While I don’t want to compare, in any way, the seriousness of the historical impact of the plague to the relatively benign COVID-19 virus for most, I do want to point out that many people may be panicking and taking steps that could potentially WORSEN illness, rather than protect. Essential oils have become a highlyContinue reading “VOC’s in Essential Oils May Harm Respiratory Tract, Increase Risk of Illness.”

Acne: How medication fails, and why naturopathic strategies are often best suited to solve it.

by Cora Rivard, N.D. I have been helping my patients to resolve acne for the past 15 years, without the need for medication. Many have come to see me because conventional medicine failed to resolve it, or made it worse, or caused unacceptable side effects. And I see others who are seeking my help forContinue reading “Acne: How medication fails, and why naturopathic strategies are often best suited to solve it.”

Flee the Flu Naturally

by Cora Rivard, N.D. According to CDC regional surveillance and NH DHHS for this past week, flu has been widespread in NH- particularly in Rockingham county where it is considered “very high.” The vaccine match is excellent for the predominant A subtype H1N1 strain affecting adults 65 and over, but unfortunately only about a 58%Continue reading “Flee the Flu Naturally”

Ice, Ice, baby: Get geared, don’t slip!

It’s dangerous for everyone, but for the elderly, pregnant women, parents carrying small children or workers carrying equipment, or for those who otherwise have balance or mobility issues, the likelihood of slipping on ice increases. For people with osteoporosis and other health conditions, the risk of significant injury also increases. According to data from theContinue reading “Ice, Ice, baby: Get geared, don’t slip!”

Generic Ranitidine/Zantac Recalled Due to Carcinogenic Contamination

According to a spokesperson from Novartis, the distribution of Zantac by Novartis and ranitidine (the over-the-counter generic drug of this brand) has been halted by worldwide markets after a Connecticut-based pharmacy reported to the FDA that they found extremely high levels of N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a probable cancer-causing ingredient, in all tested batches of generic ranitidineContinue reading “Generic Ranitidine/Zantac Recalled Due to Carcinogenic Contamination”

The “What, How, Why” of Tick Bites: Everything You Need to Know NOW

It is shaping up to be a fantas-TICK season! Please get a jump on protecting yourself, your family, and your pets by reading my previously posted article, “Updated Guide for Tick Removal, Testing and Prevention in New England,” which has been published and recommended by several local publications. This is also the perfect time toContinue reading “The “What, How, Why” of Tick Bites: Everything You Need to Know NOW”

Natural Medicine for Flu: Prevention and Healing

by Cora Rivard, N.D. Local clinics and hospitals here in NH and MA have been operating at a frenzied pace since influenza became widespread. Many want to know, “Can I still avoid it?” And, “Are there natural ways to treat it?” Flu has been ferociously widespread and flu related hospitalizations and deaths have so farContinue reading “Natural Medicine for Flu: Prevention and Healing”