I can’t find my zen in this mess…..

I found it ironic to come across this blog post (linked below) as I consumed my sandwich at my desk, swamped with paperwork. Many of my patients are concerned about becoming more forgetful. I have that worry, too, at times. But I also know that having so much going on in your head at onceContinue reading “I can’t find my zen in this mess…..”

Stress Management 101

While stress is a normal part of life, the ways in which we perceive and respond to it can have a profound impact on our health. Feeling burdened with stress can easily lead to issues such as insomnia, recurrent viral infections, muscle tension, headaches, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, anxiety and poor concentration- to name just aContinue reading “Stress Management 101”

Turn HELL into HA!

“When life seems like hell, laughter brings us immediately back to Earth if not heaven.”  (from The Yoga of the Nine Emotions by Peter Marchand) A group of bats, hanging at the ceiling of a cave discovers a single bat STANDING upright underneath on the floor of the cave. Surprised by this unusual behavior, theyContinue reading “Turn HELL into HA!”