The “What, How, Why” of Tick Bites: Everything You Need to Know NOW

It is shaping up to be a fantas-TICK season! Please get a jump on protecting yourself, your family, and your pets by reading my previously posted article, “Updated Guide for Tick Removal, Testing and Prevention in New England,” which has been published and recommended by several local publications. This is also the perfect time toContinue reading “The “What, How, Why” of Tick Bites: Everything You Need to Know NOW”

Natural Medicine for Flu: Prevention and Healing

by Cora Rivard, N.D. Local clinics and hospitals here in NH and MA have been operating at a frenzied pace since influenza became widespread. Many want to know, “Can I still avoid it?” And, “Are there natural ways to treat it?” Flu has been ferociously widespread and flu related hospitalizations and deaths have so farContinue reading “Natural Medicine for Flu: Prevention and Healing”

Vitamin D Misconceptions: What You Need to Know

by Cora Rivard, Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.)- Seasons Natural Healthcare, LLC The main points: Vitamin D deficiency is especially rampant in the northern half of the U.S.,  causing a myriad of symptoms and raising risk for serious chronic disease. Vitamin D levels are not assessed often enough as a diagnostic tool, and many doctors do notContinue reading “Vitamin D Misconceptions: What You Need to Know”

What ALL Women Need to Know:

by Cora Rivard, N.D. (Men, too!) Did I get your attention? Sorry for the bait and switch: I put a royalty-free pic of Tom Brady and Giselle here for my New Englander audience (does it even show up??) because if I had instead titled this post as a personal story about stroke awareness and prevention- youContinue reading “What ALL Women Need to Know:”

The Mother’s Day Project

  In seventh grade, I created a questionnaire in a notebook. Each page hosted a single question, with plenty of open lines for responses- questions like: “What’s your favorite movie? Color? Swear word? Most embarrassing moment? What are you afraid of? etc. This was passed around among all the girls in my class (I don’t remember why boysContinue reading “The Mother’s Day Project”

Updated Guide for Tick Removal, Testing, and Prevention in New England

  by Cora Rivard, N.D., owner of Seasons Natural Healthcare, LLC, a natural medicine family practice located in southern New Hampshire. After dealing with my own late stage Lyme infection years ago, and working with patients who have Lyme disease, I know firsthand how critical it is to prevent it. This includes knowing how to move quicklyContinue reading “Updated Guide for Tick Removal, Testing, and Prevention in New England”

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor; “Should I Do a Cleanse?”

By Cora Rivard, N.D./Naturopathic Doctor. Seasons Natural Healthcare, LLC in Derry “What is a cleanse, and do I need to do one?” If you asked your family medical doctor this question, she or he would probably take a deep breath and then try to explain to you that unless you are about to undergo aContinue reading “Ask a Naturopathic Doctor; “Should I Do a Cleanse?””

School Snack Hacks for Healthy, Happy, and Better-Focused Kids

by Dr. Cora Rivard Kids are back to school, and as parents everywhere breathe a sigh of relief- we also look ahead to doing what we can to ensure that they have a great year, which includes getting the most benefit from their education and extracurricular pursuits. As both a parent and a naturopathic doctor,Continue reading “School Snack Hacks for Healthy, Happy, and Better-Focused Kids”

The Perfected Gluten-free Pancake (with Paleo,allergy, vegan substitutions.)

As a doctor specializing in nutritional therapies, working with many children and adults over the years who cannot tolerate certain food ingredients, I am always on the lookout for delicious alternative recipes. And who doesn’t love pancakes? Every kid deserves to enjoy them. Yet, this has been the most vexing of all gluten-free foods forContinue reading “The Perfected Gluten-free Pancake (with Paleo,allergy, vegan substitutions.)”