The “What, How, Why” of Tick Bites: Everything You Need to Know NOW


It is shaping up to be a fantas-TICK season! Please get a jump on protecting yourself, your family, and your pets by reading my previously posted article, “Updated Guide for Tick Removal, Testing and Prevention in New England,” which has been published and recommended by several local publications. This is also the perfect time to review my other article, “Plants Vs Ticks,” which outlines simple landscaping methods to eliminate and repel ticks from your property without the need for chemical warfare.

Despite what other sources might say, ticks can be active any time of year where ground is even partially visible. They can transmit diseases within a short number of hours, there is no definitive timeline for how long they must first be attached. Lastly, ticks carry a number of transmittable diseases here, so it is important to always stay vigilant to prevention efforts and any new symptoms you or your child might be experiencing- including flu symptoms, unexplained aches and pains and fatigue, rashes, and even stomach aches (especially for kids.)

And don’t forget to stock your “Ticked Off” removal device now!

Cora Rivard, N.D.

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