Healthy, Nut-Free Snacks for School and for Improved Focus

Greetings! It has been some time since my last post, and I hope this one contains some timely information you can put to use today, for the benefit of your children (and for you, too!). The new school year has begun, and many of you might have children with nut allergies, or like me- haveContinue reading “Healthy, Nut-Free Snacks for School and for Improved Focus”

Re-Post: Avoiding Constipation While on the Road

I wrote this article a couple years ago and it continues to circulate as a popular post. With hot weather arriving, and summer travel plans coming up, or maybe you have long work commutes, this includes timely tips to help you avoid and ease an uncomfortable and common problem.  Nobody likes to talk about it,Continue reading “Re-Post: Avoiding Constipation While on the Road”

Kid’s Sunscreens: How to Choose and What to Avoid

Chemical ingredients are often present in sunscreens which are potentially carcinogenic, have hormone-like actions, or are generally irritating to sensitive skin because of perfumes and colorings and other additives. This warrants a little diligence in choosing a product to use, especially for use on your children. EWG (Environmental Working Group) rates cosmetics and other productsContinue reading “Kid’s Sunscreens: How to Choose and What to Avoid”

When Ticks Attack: You’ve Been Bitten, Now What?

By Cora Rivard, Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.) in Derry, NH. Tick bites are already happening at increased rates, especially in the northeast and all along the east coast, and it is predicted that a large number of adults and children will be affected this year. But there is a lot that you can do toContinue reading “When Ticks Attack: You’ve Been Bitten, Now What?”

Plants Vs Ticks: Lyme-free Landscaping

by Cora Rivard, N.D. It is already a terrible start to the year for ticks, and for new cases of Lyme and other tick-transmitted infections. That’s the bad news. The good news is it is not too late to do something about it for your yard. This article highlights landscaping strategies proven to repel ticks andContinue reading “Plants Vs Ticks: Lyme-free Landscaping”

I can’t find my zen in this mess…..

I found it ironic to come across this blog post (linked below) as I consumed my sandwich at my desk, swamped with paperwork. Many of my patients are concerned about becoming more forgetful. I have that worry, too, at times. But I also know that having so much going on in your head at onceContinue reading “I can’t find my zen in this mess…..”

7 Myths About Wellness Told By Modern Healthcare

Picture the last time you saw an advertisement with imagery similar to this: a couple frolics on the beach; his teeth are way too white, she puts on her best “come hither” look. Or, she stands alone, smiling with closed eyes and arms outstretched towards the sunny skies with her swimsuit wrap billowing out behindContinue reading “7 Myths About Wellness Told By Modern Healthcare”

Get Fit, Lose Weight, Better Sleep: The Top 5 Free Android Apps for 2014

You don’t have to be Oprah to have your very own dedicated personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach at your beck and call, thanks to your phone! Best of all, many of the best apps out there are free. See below for the top 5 list among my patients. (There are a couple additional appsContinue reading “Get Fit, Lose Weight, Better Sleep: The Top 5 Free Android Apps for 2014”

How NOT to do a cleanse

  It’s spring time, and many a young (and mature) woman’s thoughts turn to…cleansing. First, what is a “cleanse”, and do you even need to do it? If you asked your family medical doctor this question, she or he would probably take a deep breath and then try to explain to you that unless youContinue reading “How NOT to do a cleanse”

Mired in Gyres: Signs of a Throw-Away Culture

The recent search for Malaysia Flight 370 has illuminated another (what should be) global concern, about something that has been quietly lurking and growing out of sight and out of the collective mind for years. After the repeated reports of masses of mystery objects floating in the open ocean, one can’t help but wonder whatContinue reading “Mired in Gyres: Signs of a Throw-Away Culture”